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groupe.id joins Elvaston

September 8, 2022

groupe .is, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a leading Swiss provider of enterprise resource planning software solutions, has gained a strategic partner and majority shareholder in Elvaston for the future development of the company. groupe .id employs 55 people and serves over 257 customers. The aim of the partnership is to support the strong organic growth in Switzerland and to further expand it through acquisitions.



ABRA Software enters into a strategic partnership with Elvaston Capital

September 1, 2022

German investment company Elvaston Capital and ABRA Software, a leader in information systems for companies of all sizes, announce the conclusion of a strategic partnership. They plan to expand through further acquisitions too. It is not about accumulating turnover at any cost, but about finding the best companies with strong leaders and teams who want to jointly evaluate cutting-edge software solutions.

Press Release.pdf


ABRA Software

Nexis wins strategic partner with Elvaston

August 1, 2022

Nexis GmbH, a software company specializing in identity and access management, has gained Elvaston as a strategic partner. Nexis was founded in 2009 and offers a system-wide analysis, risk assessment and visual (re-)modeling of access governance structures. The aim of the partnership is to support the future growth of Nexis and to offer innovations in the area of IT security and the management of digital identities and their access authorizations.



GENUI acquires majority stake in Magnolia and invests in future growth

July 27, 2022

Investment company GENUI and Magnolia, a leading software vendor in the global digital experience and content management markets, today announce that GENUI acquires a majority stake in Magnolia and injects significant growth capital into Magnolia.  


The purchase price and other details of the transaction were not disclosed. GENUI was advised on this transaction by CMS (Legal) and Baer & Karrer (Structuring), while Morrison Foerster (Legal Germany) and Walder Wyss (Legal Switzerland) acted as advisors to Elvaston.

Press Release.pdf





Content Services Group acquires secure email gateway business of Cyren Ltd.

June 13, 2022

Content Services Group has expanded its product portfolio by email security solutions with the acquisition of the secure email gateway business of Cyren Ltd. („eleven GmbH“, former „Cyren GmbH“). Eleven is an email security software that can protect businesses and users from phishing attacks and data loss.



Perbit acquires GeCOSoft

April 12, 2022

GeCOSoft is a full-range provider of HCM soft- and hardware with a special focus on time & attendance as well as workforce planning solutions. With its c25 employees GeCOSoft serves more than 650 customers mainly in the DACH region. GeCOSoft’s offering supplements and extends perbits comprehensive HCM product portfolio and strengthens its footprint in Germany and Austria.





iS Software enhances financial strength and continues growth together with Elvaston

March 14, 2022

iS was founded in Regensburg in 1996. Company develops and distributes software solutions for the energy and water industry that are specifically tailored to small and medium-sized energy and water utilities. iS Software has been able to gain a strategic partner for future growth in Elvaston.  The modular complete solution WinEV® seamlessly maps the networked processes from meter reading to billing, the implementation of market partner communication, energy quantity balancing, customer service to accounting and balancing and provides meaningful and decision-relevant information for company management. iS Software is headquartered in Regensburg and employs 120 people at 5 locations.  WinEV® is currently used by around 300 customers.



iS Software

Elvaston expands ELV V portfolio with Dietrich's in February 2022

March 8, 2022

Dietrich's Technology AG, an independent owner-managed CAD/CAM software company for timber construction, has secured Elvaston as a strategic partner for future growth.  Founded in 1982, Dietrich's develops and distributes software solutions that enable carpenters, woodworkers and prefabricated home manufacturers to improve the digital workflow of a wood building from planning through design and dimensioning to fabrication. Dietrich's is headquartered in Neubiberg, near Munich (Germany), with additional offices in France, Poland, USA and Canada. Dietrich's serves more than 6,000 customers in over 30 countries with more than 10,000 installations.




Convotis acquires Sentinel Group

March 1, 2022

SENTINEL Group is a managed IT service provider with a focus on cloud solutions, IT consulting and IT outsourcing. With its 35 employees, SENTINEL serves 140 customers, mainly located in northern Germany. Since the company’s solutions have a high degree of standardization and automation, there is a scaling potential for expansion to other locations following the takeover by Convotis.




Dataglobal GmbH and Windream GmbH join forces and become Content Services Group

February 23, 2022

Dataglobal GmbH, part of the Elvaston portfolio since June 2021, and Windream GmbH, part of the Elvaston portfolio since December 2021, together form the Content Services Group. While being independent units for now, the aim is for both companies to benefit from each other. The Group is supposed to grow successively through further strategic acquisitions.





Glaux takes over Printcom

February 21, 2022

Glaux Soft AG has expanded its product portfolio to include output management solutions with the acquisition of Printcom Output Management GmbH. Printcom mainly serves public authorities in Switzerland and offers them company-wide digitization and standardization of output processes.


Glaux Soft


windream finds a new strategic partner in Elvaston

February 14, 2022

Windream GmbH, one of the leading companies in the development and marketing of business software products for electronic archiving, digital document management, business process control and workflow automation, finds in Elvaston a strategic partner to enhance its long-term growth potential. The company’s main product is the ECM software "Dynamic Workspace" (windream 7), which is used by over 2,600 customers.



Convotis completes acquisition of Bürotex Group

February 11, 2022

Bürotex Group from Nürtingen offers solutions and consulting services in the areas of digitization, communication, cloud computing, managed services and IT security. The company serves more than 400 customers with its 100 employees. Following the acquisition by Convotis GmbH customers of both companies will benefit from a broader bundled product portfolio in the future.




Glaux and socialWEB join forces

February 11, 2022

socialWEB Software GmbH from Münsingen is the leading software provider for social and socio-educational institutions. The company offers a cloud-based software to its more than 75 customers. Through the acquisition of socialWEB, Glaux Soft AG will be able to offer its clients – consisting mainly of cantonal and other public institutions – a new efficient software solution, especially in terms of data exchange and communication.




Remira and Roqqio are merging under the Remira name

February 9, 2022

Remira, a supplier of supply chain solutions, and Roqqio, a specialist in omni-channel commerce software, are getting together under the Remira brand. With around 500 employees and a total annual turnover of €55 million, they are creating one of the largest software companies in the unified commerce space. Combining supply chain and omni-channel commerce solutions, Remira is developing a complete end-to-end system that is fully focused on end-customer behaviour and the market. The solution enables all processes as well as customer touch points to be captured, monitored and tracked and thus makes a significant contribution to the interconnection of all processes. Connecting these commercial processes with comprehensive services from supply chain management will to a large extent shape the commerce of the future as unified commerce.




GDI and SelectLine join forces

December 7, 2021

SelectLine Holding acquires 100% of the shares in GDI GmbH. GDI, which is based in Landau, develops, and distributes with 45 employees ERP software for SMEs in Germany. The product portfolio is very broad with the key modules ERP, Accounting and HRM. The company has more than 5,600 maintenance-paying customers, who will gain direct access to SelectLine’s product portfolio




In November 2021 GASTROdat gains Elvaston as a partner for future growth

November 3, 2021

GASTRODAT GmbH, from Grödig near Salzburg, has been developing software solutions to optimise workflows and communication for the hospitality industry following the motto: “increased success for less effort”. The broad product portfolio includes everything from a classical property management system to an innovative solution for both automatic and truly personalised customer communication and process workflows supported by self-learning algorithms that optimise room-rate discounts in real time and so significantly increase occupancy rates through proactive gap management. Since 1992 the GASTROdat experts have been easing the daily admin burden of their 1.500 hotel customers so they can focus on what counts: their guests.



SelectLine finds a strategic financial partner in Elvaston

September 28, 2021

SelectLine Software GmbH, a leading developer of Enterprise-Resource-Planning-Systems with 130 employees and more than 7.300 customers, finds in Elvaston a strategic partner and majority shareholder to enhancing the long-term growth potential. The aim of the partnership is to support the organic growth and the non-organic growth in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. SelectLine founders Andreas Scharff and Rainer Kuhn maintain joint responsibility for the operational business and remain shareholders.



proLogistik acquires ITC warehouse management

September 23, 2021

IT Consult Henrick Ernst GmbH from Pinneberg offers a warehouse management software (WinLager) that is perfectly tailored to the customer needs. The company serves around 140 customers, which gain direct access to the hardware selection and consulting services of the Group after the takeover.




Docufy finds a new partner in Elvaston to continue its growth

August 30, 2021

DOCUFY is a leading provider of Content Management System (CCMS) software for information management and modular technical documentation. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio through its DOCUFY Suite to more than 800 clients globally from a broad range of industries such as machine construction and plant engineering, healthcare and automotive. CCMS solutions are required to enter, edit, manage and publish product related information specifically in demanding industries with a high degree of product complexity, large number of product varieties and high regulatory standards. DOCUFY supports its clients with premium products and services for more than 20 years to address the increasing global complexity, trends towards more digitization and industry 4.0, shorter product lifecycles and stricter regulatory requirements to secure their long-term business success.



InterEurope AG leaves Elvaston Fund IV portfolio in August 2021

August 10, 2021

InterEurope AG is an independent, tech -enabled, service company specialised on regulating international claims within the framework of the green card system for insurance companies. Its new majority shareholder is the Hannover based insurance companie VHV Holding AG. We wish them all the best for the future.


InterEurope AG

VHV Holding AG

Xdot becomes Convotis; 3 add-on acquisitions realized in the first half of 2021 underline the success of the M&A growth path Elvaston adopted

July 18, 2021

The CONVOTIS Group is creating a leading provider of innovative Business Solutions and Managed IT Services via the union of specialized companies in the DACH-Region. More than 500 IT-Specialists working at over 10 locations in 5 countries enable an optimal service for the customers. Building on the basic infrastructure of a company, the CONVOTIS Group offers services for the digitalization of management processes.






In July 2021 perbit gains Elvaston as a partner for future growth

July 13, 2021

perbit is a leading supplier of HR-solutions for efficient personnel-management. The companies product offerings range from highly personalised, tailor made solutions to a web- and cloud based standard product and can therefore serve a great range of customers independent of their size or sector. Its software solution seamlessly covers the whole employee life cycle from recruiting to on boarding and from employee development to a digital personnel file and so enables efficient HR management.



proLogistik expands into the Swiss market

June 15, 2021

Elvaston acquired two leading Swiss WMS providers in June and merged them with proLogistik. The three partner bundle their resources and competencies in the filed of WMS within the Group, enlarge their international footprint and expand their industry know-how. The new Group aims to offer Best-of-Breed solutions in WMS for all sectors.



Dataphone AG

Xelog AG

Elvaston invests in Dataglobal GmbH in June 2021 to support the further growth of the company

June 5, 2021

Dataglobal is a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management Systems in the DACH region. With its Content Delivery Platform Dataglobal CS, the company helps its more than 500 clients to digitalize and automate their business processes. In addition, Dataglobal provides managed services around the Dataglobal product environment and selected third party products in the ECM context.



Remira remains set on strategic expansion

May 12, 2021

Elvaston remains true to its strategic expansion course with Remira. The group acquired three SCM specialists and strengthened its position on the international market. In May 2021, Remira acquired the Berlin cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform - Nicando, which digitizes customers purchasing processes. Shortly after Nicando’s takeover, Remira has successfully acquired the Dutch supply chain specialist Outperform - a cloud-based solution for sales and operations planning. In August, Remira increased its presence in the strategic growth market of Italy by taking over Kyklos - SCM software for the fashion and luxury goods industry.






Infoniqa continues its strong international expansion in April 2021

April 30, 2021

Infoniqa can further increase its footprint in the DACH region by acquiring the Swiss operations of Sage Group. This complements its product offering with an ERP-solution, a finance software tool as well as a payroll and HCM-solution, tailored specifically to Swiss requirements.
Infoniqa is one of the leading and fastest growing HR software providers in the German speaking region. They serve the entire spectrum of human resource needs, offering software solutions for payroll, human capital management and time & attendance. 280 Infoniqa specialists tend to more than 3,500 customers and their 2.5
million employees.


Company Website

In March 2021 Elvaston expands its ELV CF IV portfolio with active logistics

April 26, 2021

Active logistics is one of the leading providers of IT solutions for the transport and logistics industry in Germany. With its TMS solutions, the company optimizes complex logistics processes in overland, sea and air transport. Active logistics provides its services to 400 customers of all sizes, from medium-sized forwarders to global logistics companies. 


Company Website

In March 2021 proLogistik found a strong partner in Elvaston

March 26, 2021

proLogistik is a leading provider of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) offering software solutions as well as hardware and services to customers in the DACH region.
The company provides an extensive range of turn-key warehouse management solutions including both comprehensive individual solutions and standardised solutions, which are tailored to industry-specific requirements. Its expertise within logistics and in-house produced hardware enables proLogistik to optimise the processes and efficiency of over 160 clients.


Company Website

In February 2021 Elvaston expands its ELV CF IV Portfolio with Sowatec

February 26, 2021

Sowatec is a leading supplier of businessprocessmanagement software, focused on fee and commission- management tools for the finance industry. From its headquarter in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, Sowatec specialist also serve customers from the retail- and logistics sector.
They can leverage over 20 years of experience in the field of BPM software helping their clients implement complex, rule-based processes more efficiently. Sowatec's leadership in the field of commission- and fee management is reflected in their customer base of mainly multinational bluechip companies.


Company Website

Congratulations to Magnolia for being included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

January 14, 2021

Leading content management system provider, Magnolia has been positioned for the first time by Gartner in the January 2021 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and has best placed for "Completeness of Vision" in the niche player segment. This confirmed Tim Brown, the CEO in his strategy to gain a technological edge over cumbersome DXP software suites by providing agile best-of-breed products.
Magnolia is an international provider of Web Content Management Systems (WCM), built for multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-site digital experience solutions. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in Basel, with offices Europe, Asia, and the US, employing 102 FTEs.


Company Website

ROQQIO and Clarity & Success have joined forces

December 17, 2020

ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH, provider of fully integrated omnichannel software solution for the retail sector, and Clarity & Success Holding GmbH, a POS system for jewelers and the green industry, have decided to join forces to complement each other for future growth. ROQQIO’s e-Commerce engine will complete the product portfolio of Clarity by connecting Clarity’s “offline” customer base to the “online” world and Clarity’s scalable software solution opens the market for small customers in the Fashion
Industry. A clear win-win for everyone.


Company Website (ROQQIO)

Company Website (C&S)

In November 2020 Elvaston expands its ELV CF IV Portfolio with Glaux

December 15, 2020

Glaux Soft AG, a leading Swiss software specialist for public institutions and state-owned or partially state-owned companies, has won Elvaston as a strategic financial investor.
The low code platform „evidence“, a modular software suite for special applications, process- and document-management, helps Glaux Softs clients to digitalise and therefore improve their organisations. Founded in 1996 in Bern (Switzerland), the company serves more than 60 clients and is one of the Swiss market leaders in the eGovernment segment.


Company Website

FSN Capital will support MHP Solution Group in its continued success

September 30, 2020

MHP Solution Group, one of the leading suppliers of supply-chain-management and logistics software in the DACH region, will continue its rapid growth aided by its new partner, the Scandinavian PE Fund FSN Capital. As minority shareholder Elvaston will continue its close cooperation with the management, which has been successfully ongoing since 2016.

Company Website

Clarity & Success Group continues on its growth course

September 23, 2020

In 2020 the Halle based Clarity & Success Group continues its growth story in the green industry
through the acquisition of LOGEC OHG, GFG AVANTGARDE GmbH and Shaufel GmbH thus
further, underpinning its leading position as software provider for this industry throughout the DACH region. In its other core segment, software for jewellers, Clarity can also strengthen its
position by carving out JUPA GmbH from the Eiskink group.


Company Website

Further internationalisation of SHD through acquisition of Italian software provider Tesy

September 21, 2020

In March 2020 SHD AG has acquired a majority stake in the Italian process planning software provider Tesy Software S.r.l. With this acquisition, SHD, based in Andernach, Germany, strengthens its position as one of the leading European providers of IT solutions and services for the furniture and kitchen industries and further expands its geographic presence in the European market.


Company Website

In September 2020 Infoniqa wins an additional partner in Warburg-Pincus

September 17, 2020

Linz based Infoniqa Holding GmbH, the leading supplier of HR software in Austria and one of the fastest growing suppliers in this sector in the DACH region, can win US based investor Warburg-Pincus to continue on its growth trajectory. Elvaston will continue to support Infoniqa in its new role as minority shareholder.

Company Website

In April 2020 Elvaston IV expands its portfolio through the acquisition of Xdot

September 14, 2020

Xdot GmbH is a carve-out from Convotis group and is a full-service provider for cloud and managed services as well as projects in IT and HR services focused on the DACH region. Founded in 2000, the company employs a workforce of 49 at its headquarters in Münster as well as in Hanau and Stuttgart and looks after more than 100 customers, from small and medium-sized companies to large companies and government agencies.


Company Website

GUS Group leaves Elvaston II portfolio in August 2020

September 1, 2020

The Cologne based GUS Group, the market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions, which provides IT solutions along the supply chain in the pharmaceutical, chemicals,
cosmetics and food sectors leaves the Elvaston II portfolio after five successful years together. The new majority shareholder is the Munich based family investor Bregal Unternehmenskapital. We wish them all the best for the future.


Company Website

In January 2019 Elvaston expands its ELV CF III Portfolio with LogControl

May 11, 2020

LogControl GmbH, a leading German software specialist for warehouse management and inventory optimization solutions, has won Elvaston as a strategic financial investor. The partnership is focused on supporting and promoting the future growth of the company.
Founded in 1990 the company focus is on the development, distribution and implementation of
automated software solutions for warehouse and empties management as well as inventory optimization. 39 LogControl specialists maintain 350 installations for 120 clients. At their Pforzheim headquarters LogControl offers training and workshops for their customers as well as allowing them to experience the software in a fully functioning demo-warehouse environment.


Company Website

Remira links up with Stat Control, LOG:IT and TIA in July 2019

October 30, 2019

Elvaston helps Remira, the leading innovator in the field of inventory optimisation, to expand its core competencies through mergers. Remira has linked forces with Hamburg based Stat Control and Regensburg based LOG:IT and TIA. Stat Control specialises in the development, sale and implementation of controlling and inventory management software. The company was spun out off PriceWaterhouse (now PwC) in 1991 and maintains installations for 300 customers in the German speaking region. For 26 years LOG:IT has specialised in the development, sale and implementation of software for inventory optimisation, supply chain and warehouse management. Its products help 120 customers to simplify and optimise their procedures. TIA offers a forecast based sales planning tool for the fashion and consumer goods industry. For decades the TIA solution has guaranteed optimal stock levels for the textile, sports and footwear industry. Over 30 year of experience in project procedures and development work makes the software highly practice-orientated and fast to implement.


Company Website

GUS Group continues its strong growth in April and July 2019

October 21, 2019

GUS Group, the market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions, continues to grow and further expand its expertise through the acquisition of two competitors.
For more than 30 years Brückner Systemhaus für Datentechnik GmbH has made a name for itself with its WinAB warehouse management system. Over 500 retail customers from diverse segments such as the food, flower-wholesale or fashion industry trust the ERP solution from Pinneberg. The Kempten based dataConnect specialises in software to control and manage distribution chains for the grocery retail sector. Its 24 employees serve over 150 food producers as well as distribution and trading specialists. With its core product AIS, dataConnect offers a state of the art solution for handling the sales management


Company Website

In September 2019 Elvaston expands its ELV CF IV Portfolio with InterEurope

October 10, 2019

The Düsseldorf based InterEurope AG, an independent, privately owned service provider, which settles claims on behalf of insurance companies, has won Elvaston as a strategic financial investor. The partnership is focused on supporting and promoting the future growth of the company. Since 2005 InterEurope has established itself as a leading European service provider in settling motor insurance claims, focusing on claims relating to the Green Card System and the Fourth Motor Directive. Due to their extensive legal experience in all matters road traffic, InterEurope is able to provide outstanding trans-European advice to its insurer clients. Its performance commitments – legal competence and quality in all processes – are achieved by employing a centrally controlled international team of experienced claims handling specialists across 11 European countries and extensive use of a centralised uniform IT system.


Company Website


In August 2019 Clarity & Success found a strong partner in Elvaston

October 8, 2019

Clarity & Success GmbH, a leading German software specialist for the Jeweller Business and the Green Industry, has won Elvaston as a strategic financial investor. The partnership is focused on supporting and promoting the future growth of the company. Founded in 1995 the company focus is on the development, distribution and implementation of Point of Sale systems and Warehouse Management software. 58 Clarity & Success specialists maintain installations for about 2.800 stores. At their Halle headquarters Clarity & Success offers training and workshops for their customers.


Company Website

GUS Group acquires SOPRA in December 2018

May 16, 2019

GUS Group, the market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions, continues to show strong growth and further expands its expertise in the food and beverage industry through the acquisition of SOPRA EDV-Informationssysteme GmbH. With its fully integrated, sector specific solutions the Ismaning
based company focuses on software for the dairy industry.

Its integrated IT solutions cover the entire value creation process – from a producer clearing system for raw materials to a full ERP system, including cloud solutions. With three decades of relevant experience 40 SOPRA specialists enables more than 200 customers to optimise their production process.


Company Website

Document management system providers Habel and Akzentum agree to a merger

November 26, 2018

Habel has joined forces with its former competitor Akzentum GmbH to set new standards in the document management industry. Akzentum specializes in document management solutions for the retail sector. 28 employees service 700 customer installations. More than 10.000 users employ the PROXESS DMS software solution on a daily basis.


Company Website

Two Elvaston portfolio companies selected for prestigious ERP award

November 15, 2018

Two Elvaston companies have been awarded the price in their respective fields at the ‘ERP System of the year 2018’ competition held by the Center for Enterprise Research of Potsdam University.
GUS Group won the race in the category ‘Pharma’ for its GUS-OS Suite. The winner in the category ‘Retail’ was SHD AG for SHD ECORO.


GUS Goup Website
SHD AG Website

GUS Group acquires former development partner

November 5, 2018

The market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions, GUS Group, acquires 100% of K + H Software GmbH & Co. KG, their long-standing development partner. K + H has developed fimox®, a web-based tool for financial, asset and cost accounting that forms part of GUS-OS Finance. More than 2.000 users across all sectors employ fimox®, on a daily basis to process up to 50 million accounting records per client and year.


Company Website

On the 15th of October Elvaston expands its ELV CF III Portfolio with Remira

November 1, 2018

Remira GmbH, a leading European software specialist for inventory optimization, has won Elvaston as a strategic financial investor.
Founded in 1994 the company focus is the development, distribution and implementation of automated software solutions for inventory optimization, demand management and sales planning. 40 Remira specialists maintain 600 installations for 150 customers and enable the optimization of over 50 million items per day in their customers’ warehouses. GUS Group acquires former development partner The market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions, GUS Group, acquires 100% of K + H Software GmbH & Co. KG, their long-standing development partner. K + H has developed fimox®, a web-based tool for financial, asset and cost accounting that forms part of GUS-OS Finance. More than 2.000 users across all sectors employ fimox®, on a daily basis to process up to 50 million accounting records per client and year.


Company Website

Three Elvaston portfolio companies join together to form the ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH

September 27, 2018

eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH, Futura Retail Solutions AG and Höltl Retail Solutions
GmbH joined together to form Roqqio Commerce Solutions GmbH. The new company will focus on supplying a fully integrated omnichannel solution for all retail customers to enable a seamless linking of all their channels. Futura and Höltl are the leading suppliers of digital sales, POS- and inventory
management tools for stationary trade. When combined with eFulfilment's extensive know-how in the centralised management of e-business processes, Roqqio will be able to offer a continuous omnichannel solution for both e-commerce and stationary customers.


Company Website

On the 28th of July Elvaston expands its ELV CF III Portfolio with Infoniqa

September 4, 2018

Infoniqa Payroll Holding GmbH, Austria’s market leader for Human Resource Software and one of the fastest growing providers in the German speaking region, won Elvaston as a strategic
financial investor and majority shareholder. The partnership is focused on supporting and
promoting the high growth of the company. Founded in 1988 the company focus is on the development, distribution and implementation of human resource software and outsourcing solutions in the German speaking region. Infoniqa serves the entire spectrum of human resource needs offering software solutions for payroll, human capital management and time & attendance. 150 Infoniqa specialists, operating from eight locations throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland look after more than 2.800 customers and their 2,75 million employees.


Company Website

Elvaston expands ELV CF III Portfolio with Magnolia and Stonebranch

January 23, 2018

Elvaston Capital Fund III has acquired two more companies: Magnolia is a global leader in Content Management Systems (CMS). Magnolia has a very broad customer base with 300+ customers from more than 100 countries diversified across 24 sectors. The company, is represented internationally with subsidiaries across 7 countries. 

Stonebranch provides modern workload automation software. The company serves over 300+ enterprise-level clients, including many of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions. 

eFulfilment gewinnt mit Elvaston strategischen Finanzpartner

January 8, 2018

Die eFulfilment Transactions Services GmbH, der führenden Anbieter für den Multi-Channel E-Commerce Handel, hat mit Elvaston einen strategischen Partner und Mehrheitsgesellschafter für die zukünftige Entwicklung des Unternehmens gewinnen können. Ziel der Partnerschaft ist es, das starke Wachstum der eFulfilment zu unterstützen und weiter auszubauen. Das Management, bestehend aus dem Gründer-CEO Thomas Franke und dem CFO Thomas Besthorn bleibt weiterhin am Unternehmen beteiligt. Darüber hinaus konnte Mario Raatz als neuer CSO und Mitgesellschafter gewonnen werden.

MHP acquires BNS and tSoft

August 16, 2017

The MHP-Group continues its growth by acquiring BNS Software GmbH and tSoft GmbH. The merger with MHP Software GmbH allows the group to offer a cutting edge software for the logistics solutions market targeting freight forwarding businesses, while the acquisition of tSoft expands the group's activities in the customs clearance sector particularly addressing proALPHA and eBootis customers.

GUS Group acquires Blomesystem

August 14, 2017

GUS Group expands its expertise in the area of laboratory software by acquiring the Jena-based Blomesystem GmbH. For over 30 years Blomesystem is a leading provider of laboratory software management and information systems. With over 20,000 licenses used by customers across different industries, such as BASF, Bayer, national and local supervisory authorities, as well as small and mid-sized companies, Blomesystem secures its place as a leading LIMS provider in Germany.

The IT specialist SHD wins new strategic partner

August 1, 2017

The market leader for ERP software solutions in furniture retail SHD has won funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital as a new investor. Elvaston Capital and all the members of the company’s management team will continue to hold stakes in the business. The new partnership enables SHD to pursue its established growth strategy and take advantage of the current conditions in the European software market for furniture and kitchen retailers.

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