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ESG Mission Statement

Elvaston is committed to sustainable corporate governance and strives to achieve high environmental, social and governance standards for our business. We believe that companies with high ESG standards are better managed, are exposed to lower business risks and therefore add value. By meeting our standards, we seek to protect our investors' interests in responsible investment in the funds we manage. 

When we consider a new potential investment opportunity, we assess the extent to which the ESG criteria apply. Throughout the investment period, we monitor company performance and seek to improve compliance with ESG criteria in collaboration with the portfolio companies we manage.

We believe that improving the environmental performance of the portfolio companies we manage leads to sustainable value creation.


We believe that safe working conditions, personal development opportunities and attractive remuneration models are essential for the portfolio companies we serve to attract outstanding employees and foster their development. We also believe it is important that our portfolio companies make a positive social contribution, and we explicitly encourage and support this endeavour.

We consider compliance with laws and regulations by Elvaston and the portfolio companies we manage to be essential.