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Current Portfolio

Name Business Entry Location
Warehouse Management 2021 Dortmund

proLogistik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading provider of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) offering software solutions as well as hardware and services to customers in the DACH region. The company offers an extensive range of turn-key warehouse management solutions including both comprehensive individual solutions and standardised solutions, which are tailored to industry-specific requirements. Its expertise within logistics and in-house produced hardware enables proLogistik to optimise its clients’ processes and efficiency. proLogistik has a diverse and long-term customer base of more than 160 clients. Founded in 1997, the company is headquartered in Dortmund and employs 200 FTEs.

BPM software 2021 Pfäffikon

SOWATEC AG is a leading supplier of business-process-management software, focused on fee- and commission- management tools for the finance industry. From its headquarter in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, SOWATEC specialist also serve customers from the retail- and logistics sector. They can leverage over 20 years of experience in the field of BPM software to help their clients implement complex, rule-based processes more efficiently. SOWATECs leadership in the field of commission- and fee management is reflected in their customer base of mainly multinational blue-chip companies.

Software for public institutions 2020 Bern

Glaux Soft AG is a Swiss software provider specialised in software for public institutions and state-owned or partially state-owned companies. The low code platform „evidence“, a modular software suite for special applications, process- and document-management, helps Glaux Softs clients to digitalise and therefore improve their organisations. Founded in 1996 in Bern (Switzerland), the company serves more than 60 clients and is one of the Swiss market leaders in the eGovernment segment.

Cloud und Managed Services 2020 Münster

Xdot GmbH is a carve-out from Convotis group and is a full-service provider for cloud and managed services as well as projects in IT and HR services focused on the DACH region. Founded in 2000, the company today serves more than 100 customers from small- and medium-sized companies to large enterprises and government agencies and maintains four offices in Münster (HQ), Frankfurt am Main, Hanau and Stuttgart.

ERP Software 2019 Germering

Founded in 2019, the Germering (near Munich) based Step Ahead Group GmbH is a merger of three mid-sized ERP software providers, Step Ahead AG, Godesys AG and Informing AG, all acquired by Elvaston in 2019. With more than 200 employees, the company develops and distributes modern ERP software solutions to steer, optimize and digitalize all business processes. The Step Ahead Group serves more than 1.800 clients with 65.000 users across Europe.

ERP Software 2019 Germering

Step Ahead helps its clients with the optimization and digitalization of their business processes. With it’s proprietary cloud software „Steps Enterprise Cloud“, the Germering (near Munich) based ERP and CRM software provider offers a comprehensive solution to control all business processes. Founded in 1999, Step Ahead employs 110 specialists in 7 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland – serving more than 1.000 clients with over 25.000 users.

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ERP Software 2019 Steinhausen, CH

Founded in 1987, the Steinhausen (near Zug, Switzerland) based ERP software provider serves clients from a broad range of industries. The company’s geographical focus lies on medium-sized businesses in Switzerland. With IN:ERP, the company’s proprietary business software, Informing offers a solution to both current and future market challenges. The company employs 45 employees.

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ERP Software 2019 Mainz

Godesys AG, a provider of ERP software for mid-sized German ‘Mittelstand’ companies, is based in Mainz. Since it’s foundation in 1992, the company has grown continually, employing over 75 employees in 10 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as of today. Focus industries are wholesale, retail, service industry and the manufacturing sector. Godesys enables its clients to become customer-led companies.

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Insurance Service 2019 Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf based InterEurope AG, is an independent, privately owned service provider, which settles claims on behalf of insurance companies. It is one of the leaders in Europe at claims focusing on the Green Card System and the Fourth Motor Directive. Due to itsextensive legal experience in all matters road traffic, InterEurope is able to provide outstanding trans-European advice to its insurer clients. Its performance commitments – legal competence and quality in all processes – are achieved by employing a centrally controlled international team of experienced claims handling specialists across 11 European countries and extensive use of a centralised uniform IT system.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systeme 2019 Halle W

Clarity & Success GmbH is specialised in the development, sale and implementation of Point of Sale Systems and Warehouse Management Software. Founded in 1995 C&S today looks after 2.800 stores in the Jewellery- and Green Industry. At headquarters the company offers training and workshops for their customers.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systems 2020 Bonn

LOGEC OHG is a leading software developer for the Green Sector. LOGEC FR3 is a standard solution for cemeteries in German-speaking countries and more than 400 cemetery gardeners are using the software. The software solution LOGEC WR3, with its special functions and the support of mobile devices is specialized in the flower wholesale trade and is used by over 50 companies.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systems 2020 St. Augustin

GFG was founded in 1992 and supports more than 320 customers in German-speaking region. The product can be used in almost every part of the Green Sector, from production to wholesale and from garden center to truck flower sellers. Furthermore, there is also a solution for cemeteries with up to 900 graves.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systems 2020 Oberhausen

Shaufel is a carve-out from L-One Systems and is a comprehensive software-as-a-service solution for the green industry. More than 800 companies have bought the solution since it was completed ten years ago. Shaufel will complement the existing product portfolio for gardeners, garden centers, florists and cemetery gardeners with a modern, cloud-based technology.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systems 2020 Hengelo, NL

JUPA is a carve-out from the Eiskink Group and is an ERP solution for jewellers. With more than 600 customers, Jupa is the market leader in the Netherlands. In order to support all existing JUPA-Customers, CLARITY & SUCCESS founds its own branch in Hengelo with the name Clarity & Success Software B.V .

Supply Chain Management 2018 Dortmund

Founded in 1994 Remira GmbH focuses on the development, distribution and implementation of automated software solutions for inventory optimization, demand management and sales planning. Additionally, it offers a predictive forecast tool for production and capacity planning. 40 Remira specialists maintain 600 installations for 150 customers and enable the optimization of up to 50 million items in their customer’s warehouses. Remira’s proprietary software LogoMate® is highly intuitive and easy to integrate into existing ERP Systems.

Warehouse Management 2019 Hamburg

Stat Control specialises in the development, sale and implementation of controlling and inventory management software. The company was spun out off PriceWaterhouse (now PwC) in 1991 and its 6 specialists maintain installations for 300 customers in the German speaking region. For 28 Years Stat Control has worked closely with renown accountancy and auditing firms and has helped them to optimise their inventory and monitor their stock.

Supply Chain Management 2019 Augsburg

TIA offers a forecast-based sales planning tool for the fashion and consumer goods industry. Its specialists look after 60 customers from their company’s seat in Regensburg. For decades the TIA solution has guaranteed optimal stock levels for the textile, sports and footwear industry. Over 30 year of experience in project procedures and development work makes the software highly practice-orientated and fast to implement.

Supply Chain Management 2019 Regensburg

For 26 years the Regensburg based LOG:IT specialises in the development, sale and implementation of software for inventory optimisation, supply chain and warehouse management. Its products help 120 customers to simplify and optimise their procedures. LOG:IT serves a wide range of customers from all sectors from start-ups via logistics companies to blue chip companies.

HCM Software 2018 Wels, AT

Infoniqa Payroll Holding GmbH is Austria’s market leader for Human Resource Software and one of the fastest growing providers in the German speaking region. Founded in 1988, Infoniqa serves the entire spectrum of human resource needs offering software solutions for payroll, human capital management and time & attendance. 250 Infoniqa specialists, operating from eight locations throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland look after more than 3,500 customers and their 2.25 million employees.

HCM Software 2019 Brandenburg adH

haveldata GmbH is the leading German provider of payroll software in the MS Navision environment. From their headquarters in Brandenburg they serve over 1.000 customers with their sector agnostic solution NAPA3 facilitating the calculation of over 800.000 payslips a month. Founded in 1992 haveldata’s 50 specialists enable over 160 MS Navision distribution partners to offer their solution.

PoS, Warehouse & E-Commerce Software 2018 Hamburg

Founded in 2018 and based in Hamburg, ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH is a merger of leading software development companies in the Elvaston portfolio. 200 ROQQIO employees develop and distribute a fully integrated omnichannel software solution for the retail sector. The Software Suite offers warehouse management and point of sale solutions and covers all E-Commerce processes, from order management via logistic processing to shipping. It provides interfaces to all popular online portals as well as their web shops and so facilitates a borderless customer journey.

eBusiness Software 2017 Ludwigsburg

Founded in 2004, eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH is a leading software provider for the ecommerce industry across all distribution channels (B2B, B2C, cross- and multi-channel). The core solution “Commerce Engine” unifies all retail processes including trading, shipping, warehousing and logistics within one central system. Both mid-sized companies and corporations consider eFulfilment their global partner of choice.

Cash-Out & ERP-Systems 2018 Bad Hersfeld

Höltl is a specialist in the development of point of sale solutions and ERP-Systems for the fashion industry in the German market. The product portfolio also includes business intelligence tools, mobile solutions and CRM systems. Established in 1972, the company employs more than 100 people and serves over 900 customers with whom Höltl maintains close and long-term partnerships.

Point-Of-Sale & ERP-Systeme 2018 Hamburg

The Hamburg based Futura Retail Solutions specialised in the development and sale of software solutions for the retail industry. The ERP-system Futura4Retail, the point-of-sale solution Futura4POS and the sales assistant Futua4SalesAssistant are compatible with all distribution channels.

Workload-Automation-Systems 2017 Frankfurt

Stonebranch provides modern workload automation software solutions that simplify mission-critical IT business processes reliably and securely across complex and diverse IT environments. The company serves over 300 enterprise-level clients, including many of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions and is a recognized leader by industry analysts among the workload automation landscape.

Content-Management-Systems 2017 Basel, CH

Magnolia International has been a global leader in Content Management Systems (CMS) for 25 years. The company, which sells its software solution both as a on-premise and as a on-demand version, is represented internationally with subsidiaries across 7 countries on 3 continents. Magnolia has a very broad customer base with more than 300 customers from over 100 countries diversified across 24 sectors.

Software for shipping logistics 2016 Neustadt aR

The global specialist for shipment logistics and trade solutions software helps to simplify complex shipping processes. Its proprietary software solutions simplify numerous, in many cases complex, processes relating to the international flow of goods. MHP Solution Group includes several companies from the field of transportation, warehouse and shipping.

Freight-forwarding software 2017 Düsseldorf

BNS develops and distributes software for the freight-forwarding and logistics market. The company works with 40 employees at its Munich and Dusseldorf offices and primarily focuses on transport management systems. It is one of the market leaders for freight-forwarding and logistics software in the German speaking region.

Foreign trade software 2017 Stuttgart

For more than 20 years tSoft has been one of the leading firms for customs clearance software in Germany. Next to other unique features, the company’s software includes a proprietary preference calculation and the firm’s high level of technical adaptation allows it to serve as a solution for even the most complex ERP systems.

Warehouse Management 2019 Pforzheim

The Pforzheim based LogControl GmbH specialises in the development, sale and implementation of software solutions for warehouse and empties management as well as inventory optimization. 39 LogControl specialists maintain 350 installations for 120 clients. At headquarters the company offers training and workshops for their customers as well as allowing them to experience the software in a fully functioning demo-warehouse environment.

Warehouse Management 2019 Hamburg

The Hamburg based KDL specialises in the development, sale and implementation of warehouse management systems for large SMEs. Since 1991 their software solution WOS enables the automation and control of large warehouses and facilitates efficient planning through its state-of-the-art material flow control module. 16 KDL specialists maintain over 100 installations for 26 customers from diverse sectors.

Software for customs and foreign trade 2019 Albstadt

Founded in 1996, AZ GmbH enables its customers to optimise those parts of their supply chain that are subject to customs and excise duties through its preference calculation software tool P-CALC. From their office in Albstadt the AZ specialists help over 200 customers from the German ‘Mittelstand’ to experience significant competitive advantages in their sourcing routines.

Freight-forwarding software 2019 Bielefeld

Transdata GmbH develops and distributes software for the freight-forwarding and logistics market. The software solution includes TMS, CRM, controlling, telematic, EDI as well as archiving solutions and service the whole value chain. From its offices in Bielefeld 34 specialists look after installations for over 300 customers.

Hardware for Warehouses 2019 Hamburg

Since 1988 the Hamburg based PANDA PRODUCTS Barcode-Systeme GmbH distributes Hardware to optimise the use of their warehouses. The company is one of the leading suppliers of Auto-ID solutions including label printers, stationary and mobile handheld scanners, forklift control systems as well as the necessary wireless network infrastructure. 22 specialists advise and look after more than 800 customers from diverse fields.

Software for the furniture industry 2014 Andernach

SHD AG is the market leader for the development and marketing of industry-specific software for merchandise management systems in the furniture trade and furniture industry. SHD AG develops cross-sector solutions for warehouse organisation as well as financial and HR management software. The IT specialist was founded in 1983 and its international operations employ a workforce of over 400.

CAD design software 2016 Watford, UK

Founded in 1992, ArtiCAD has grown to become a major force in the KBB industry in the UK. The company’s flagship products are used by more than 7500 designers in the UK market, with a rapidly expanding number of users in North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Software for furniture retailers 2016 Essen

Cogito is an international specialist in merchandise management systems, warehouse management and point of sale systems for the furniture retail industry. Benefitting from long-standing expertise in developing software solutions in this segment, Cogito offers complementary solutions for logistics management, route planning and multi-channel solutions.

Software for kitchen retailers 2017 Watford, UK

As a leading provider of business and price management software solutions for kitchen manufacturers and retailers, Smart Systems holds a reputation for its innovative products and serves a customer base of around 350.

Software for kitchen retailers 2017 Tilburg, NL

Founded in 1987 and based in the Netherlands, Simar utomatisering bv, specializes in the development and distribution of ERP solutions and graphical planning systems for the KBB industry. The company has established itself as the leading supplier in the Benelux market. Its flagship product is a proprietary ERP System for KKB but its software portfolio includes other commercial tools as well as a document management solution.

Software for the furniture industry 2019 Montigny, FR

Pragma Informatique S.A.R.L., from Montigny le Bretonneux, is the French market leader in planning software for the kitchen and furnishing retail industry. Since 1990 the company enables over 100.000 Customers on all 5 continent to create perfect layouts using its software solutions InSitu and KitchenDraw.

Software for the furniture industry 2020 Tresiso, IT

Tesy, founded in 2008 through the merger of two companies and headquartered in Italy, is a leading provider of planning, VR, ERP and supply chain software for the furniture industry. With its 75 employees the company offers highly customized solutions with a focus on the visualisation of interior design projects to its 4,000 customers from the furniture manufacture and retail sector.

Historical Portfolio

Name Business Entry Location
ERP software 2016 Köln

The market leader for enterprise resource planning software solutions provides IT solutions along the supply chain in the pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetics and food sectors. The GUS OS Suite comprises solutions for all areas of corporate activity from enterprise resource planning up to and including document management. The GUS Group was founded in 1980 and employs a workforce of 400 specialists throughout its 14 offices.

Laboratory management systems 2017 Gera

Blomesystem is a leading provider of laboratory management and information systems. With over 20,000 licenses sold to customers across different industries, such as BASF, Bayer, national and local supervisory authorities, as well as small and mid-sized companies, Blomesystem secures its place as a leading LIMS provider in Germany.

Accounting Software 2018 Germering

The GUS Group acquires 100% of K + H Software GmbH & Co. KG, their long-standing development partner. K + H has developed fimox® a web-based tool for financial, asset and cost accounting that form part of GUS-OS Finance.
More than 2,000 users across all sectors employs fimox® on a daily basis to process up to 50 million accounting records per client per year.

ERP Software 2018 Ismaning

For nearly three decades SOPRA has specialised in the development, distribution and implementation of sector specific solutions for the dairy industry. Based in Ismaning the company covers the entire value creation process – from a producer clearing system for raw materials to a full ERP system, including cloud solutions. 40 Sopra specialists enable 200 customers to optimise their production process.

Supply Chain Management 2019 Pinneberg

For more than 30 years Brückner Systemhaus für Datentechnik GmbH has made a name for itself with its WinAB warehouse management system. Over 500 retail customers from diverse segments such as the food, flower or fashion industry as well as from all over Germany trust the ERP solution from Pinneberg.

Sales Management 2019 Kempten

The Kempten based dataConnect specialises in software to control and manage distribution chains for the grocery retail sector. Its 24 employees serve over 150 food producers as well as distribution and trading specialists. With its core product AIS dataConnect offers a state of the art solution for handling the sales management process.

Laboratory-Managementsystems 2019 Frechen-Königsdorf

iCD is a laboratory information and management system pioneer and market leader in software for method validation based in Frechen-Königsdorf near Cologne. The company has over 30 years of experience and its more than 400 customers come primarily from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Document Management 2016

Habel provides tailor-made document management solutions which are fully adjustable according to customer preferences. The company has over 25 years of experience in the DMS and workflow management segments and currently supports 1,600 clients in the efficient management of digital documents.

Document Management 2018

Akzentum specialized in the development, distribution and implementation of powerful yet affordable document management solutions for the retail sector. 28 employees service 700 customer installations. More than 10,000 users employ the PROXESS DMS software solution on a daily basis.

Geomarketing 2015

Nexiga has operated as a full-service geomarketing provider since 1982. The company focuses on software for the analysis of markets and target groups to support campaign management, sales optimisation and site planning. As a geomarketing pioneer, the company promotes development in the industry with a steady supply of innovations that tap new potential in the field of modern geomarketing.